Uberman: Unleash the Hidden Talents of Your Mind to Improve Your Life

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The human mind is truly a wonderful communications and operation center which makes the body perform the way it should. Not only does it send out signals, to the other systems within our body, to do their work well and keep us alive, but it’s also capable of forming and perceiving thoughts, opinions, feelings, ideas and ways in which these things are presented to the outside world through speech, writing, song, actions and more. There really is not a single super computer on earth which can beat the power of the human mind.

Uberman: Unleash the Hidden Talents of Your Mind to Improve Your LifeHowever, powerful as the mind may be, there are still some things which science has not been able to explain regarding how the mind works. It’s still full of mysteries and questions. And in addition to these mysteries, there are things which people think can’t be done through the power of the mind alone. But if you really think about it, there are a lot of ancient cultures which rely on the power of the human mind to be able to heal themselves and other people. One prime example of this is meditation. It’s widely known that meditation is an effective tool for calming the mind, and in relation to this, it’s also able to help people overcome stress. Once the maximum meditative potential is reached, people have claimed to experience a calm feeling washing over them, and removing the aches and pains they associate with stress.

The teachings of Uberman: Almost Super Human are similar to this concept wherein it uses the untapped potential of the mind in order to clear the energy surrounding the person, and therefore paving the way to making changes in their life. Whether those changes are as small as being able to properly visualize the things which they want to manifest, or as great as being able to turn those visualizations into reality, there’s no doubt that the mind is capable of such feats once the person knows that how to uncover the mysteries and obstacles obscuring his or her true potential.

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Jason and Skye MangrumUberman: Almost Super Human

The authors Jason and Skye Mangrum decided to publish Uberman: Almost Super Human in order to share the potential of the mind with other people so that they may improve the quality of their lives. They say that learning about these secrets has been kept hidden for far too long, and now is the perfect time for people start learning about it. There is one warning, though: old belief systems can be shattered as the experience is intense. Many people come out of the experience feeling like they have been reborn because they are now privy to the power of their mind.

What Will I Learn?

There are so many teachings in the book, but just to give a little preview, it includes the following secrets:

  • How to become someone who can effectively discern lies from the truth
  • Tap into the hidden secrets of the subconscious mind
  • How to influence another person’s strength
  • How to avoid or destroy the one thing which inhibits the superhuman abilities within the mind
  • What the infinity symbol really means and how it can organize the energy fields to make way for a clear and focused mind
  • How to become a speaker who not only grabs the attention of the audience, but also enlightens them without burdening them with too much information
  • The power of an imaginary line drawn through the middle of the body to remove pains and stress
  • The power told needed to manifest a happier life in as little as five minutes
  • How manifest the energy of money using the Law of Magnetics
  • How to make the contents of the mind manifest themselves in reality
  • How to deal with the challenges life throws at every point and turn
  • The “Zero Point State” and how one can have a personal experience with it
  • The Bow and Arrow Technique for Instant Manifestation and Feedback
  • How to properly visualize intentions, desires and wants
  • How to raise vibrations and experience a whole new reality through resonance
  • The secret to being happy even if your significant other isn’t on the same path as you
  • How to perform miracles using consciousness technology
  • The answer to life’s most basic question: Why am I here? And how you can arrive at your own answer
  • How to cure an addiction to a substance, a concept, idea or experience
  • The secret to using SP, telepathy and precognition

What We Like About This Uberman: Almost Super HumanHow Much Is It?

Uberman: Almost Super Human is available for digital download as a 556kb pdf file. It costs only $19.95, and there’s an eight-week money-back guarantee. It may be downloaded as soon as the payment is made.

What We Like About This Uberman: Almost Super Human

It’s a very easy read with a lot of conceptual information. Since it is divided into segments, the reader can practice the exercises before moving on to the next segment. However, it’s also fine if they would prefer to read through everything before starting the exercises.

The pdf format is very convenient, especially for people on the go. There are some exercises which can be done while on the train, on the bus, while waiting in a lobby or just sitting around since they’re mostly thought exercises. It can be transferred from the computer to a laptop or even an e-book reader.

The contents are indeed mind-blowing! Whatever preconceived notions you may have about mind control, thought experiments and dream exercises will be shattered by this book because the ideas and exercises may go against those which other books claim would work.

It would be a great tool for people in the mental health industry as there are visualization, imagination and manifestation techniques which they may use on patients who don’t seem to respond to other treatments.

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What We Don’t Like About Udberman: Almost Super Human

Reading about these mind techniques is one thing, but seeing a video and hearing a voice dictating the instructions is another. It would have been great if there was an accompanying sound or video file to supplement the text. However, without a supplementary sound or video file, at least there’s the option to put on some soothing music while reading the book.

The Final Verdict

This book is really great for those who want to tap into the hidden secrets of their minds. There are so many hidden abilities hidden within the mind that people are always either scrambling for more or settling for the obvious abilities which they can use for work or school. By actually knowing how to influence strength, using the mind to heal the body, or manifesting visualizations, there’s no telling what anyone could accomplish and what sort of improvements they can make in their lives. This is truly an amazing book! Live in magnificence, as the authors say.